Alves Line Sneaker - Low Top Sneakers

 When we designed the Alves Line low top sneaker we had in mind the simplicity of a shoe that will take you from a casual office day to a night out, walking the city during the day to putting the feet up, relaxing over the weekend. 

But we didn't forget the details. Because the details, aren't just details they make the design.

The Alves Line comes in four different colors; pure white on white, black with with a touch elegance in suede around the ankle, midnight blue and brown with suede stripes.

And here is how we paired them:

Don't forget to mix and match them to maximize the fun out of your wardrobe.

Alves Crosta Blue Alves Crosta Blue Sneakers Alves Crosta Blue 

In the first picture we went for a casual look with floral trousers, yes they make those for men as well, and a long sleeve green shirt, a more running around and exploring the city type of look. The second picture is more a casual office kind of day, mixing with dark blue trousers and a white shirt.

Alves Bianco Alves Bianco

We all know the white sneakers will go with pretty much everything you have in your closet, so we stepped up the game and we try them on with black trousers, white shirt and blue bow tie and a silk black jacket. A sleek look that will turn heads. 

Alves Nero Alves Nero Sneakers Alves Nero

This look shows a man that is in charge. A blue suit, light blue shirt and the black suede and leather calf. In the second image we tried on dark jeans, just a beautiful match.

Alves Crosta 48 Alves Crosta 48 Sneakers Alves Crosta 48 

A look that will take you from casual Fridays to happy hour, from weekend game strong to a night out with friends. The first look, green trousers with checkers and white shirt. The second look, taupe color trousers, dark ivory shirt and dark brown jacket. 

We hope you found this inspirational and don't forget to check out MY DEORN STYLE at the drop down menu for styles and looks.

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