Five Different Ways to Wear a Pair of White Sneakers.

When function meets style we can say fashion has done its job. We think you all are familiar with a comfortable footwear called sneakers. Yes, heels are great and sexy, but they can be a pain, and there is a place and time to wear them.

We have come a long way to know that sneakers do not belong only in the gym. With our busy lifestyles, has evolved the need for comfort and style in everyday looks.

And who said sneakers can't be dressed up, for all the gals who don't want to wear the standard sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts. Well, that is why we thought of this post.

Sometimes a little creativity is needed to make your outfit stand out while being comfortable.


We thought to bring you 5 different ways to wear our White Elegance in Chesnut Sneakers and look classy and stylish.


The first one is paired with dad jeans and a tucked inside sweater for a casual everyday look. We know it's a classic with some twist, but we couldn't skip it.

 The second one is something between casual and dressed up. An all-black outfit and over the ankle trousers. The ideal transitional look.

We continue with a black long dress, where the white sneakers, combined with two belts ( right, because we like to be extra) are in contrast and perfect harmony at the same time. This look is perfect for coffee with your girlfriends, brunch or the Instagram perfect pictures while traveling.

In this one we wanted to go for a business casual look, yet feminine and sophisticated. For those days where you want to look professional but you put some effort too.

And last but definitively not least, the look of today's Audry Hepburn. Classy, sophisticated in every detail, all white, dressy pants, sweater, trench coat and sneakers.

We believe this look throws away all the assumptions that sneakers can't replace heels. Traditionally we would see this outfit paired with heels, but it proves that sneakers can be perfect for an important event, where you have to make a statement in sneakers.